Chapter News - VVA 1069 in El Campo TX

VVA Chapter 1069 Awarded $500 Grant from VVAFT, in April, 2017!
[posted on: 7-26-2017]

In early January of 2017, VVA Chapter 1069, entered the 10th Annual Operation ED-U-CATE contest, sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans Assistance Foundation of Texas, Inc. (VVAFT). The Vietnam Veterans Assistance Foundation of Texas, Inc. (VVAFT) primarily serves as a non-profit-non-membership veterans service organization designed to help all veterans in need, and to support the service programs of Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), the Texas State Council (TSC), as well as helping to improve our communities. All of the members of the VVAFT Board of Directors are also members of the VVA and/or the VVA Texas State Council (TSC).


"Operation ED-U-CATE" is an annual contest between all Texas VVA Chapters who have achieved excellance in their overall general operation for some particular veteran related program/project. Each chapter applicant must have followed and accomplished A SET OF SPECIFIC CRITERON/RULES to be eligible for the final grant awards, which must also include a 500 word essay. The photo at left shows VVA chapter 1069 member, Stephen Brady (left), accepting a $500 grant award check, on behalf of the chapter, at the April, 2017 VVA Texas State Council (TSC) meeting, that was held in Irving, Texas. Presenting the award is Bill Meeks (right), Special Advisor to the VVAFT Board of Directors, and current VVA National Secretary.


For our chapter's entry into the contest, we submitted our “Bio & Photo Album/Booklet/CD” project (see photo of Bio/Photo Album and Individual Booklets, w/ CD, at left), specifically created for our membership. The idea for this project was put forth and is currently administered by chapter member, Bob Supak. The idea was to collect (on a voluntary basis) from our membership, an abbreviated military & Vietnam War tour biography of each member, along with several Military/Vietnam tour photos. Each Bio would consist of two or more pages, the first page containing the member's basic military/Vietnam information along with a current photo.


In addition, the veteran may provide a story describing their military/Vietnam experience. Finally, one or more pages containing their favorite military/Vietnam photos along with a brief caption for each photo. For more details regarding the project, use the link below to read the 500 word Essay that was submitted to the VVAFT Board of Directors as part of the contest submission packet. Photo at left shows the Bio & Photo Album project's promotional poster that is displayed at every monthly chapter meeting. A big thanks to all our chapter members who thus far have participated in the project!
CLICK HERE to Read the Essay that was submitted by our chapter


The Officers and BOD members of VVA Chapter 1069 would like to Thank the VVAFT Board of Directors for selecting our chapter's "Bio & Photo Album/Booklet/CD" project as a recipient of the 2017 10th Annual Operation ED-U-CATE contest. Please be assured that the $500 grant awarded to our chapter will be spent in a responsible manner for our chapter Vietnam Veteran membership and to help other veterans in our local community. Keep up the good work!

VVA Chapter 1069 Members Visit TCVVM in Austin for 2nd Time:
[posted on: 2-27-2016]


Members of Texas VVA Chapter 1069 make a 2nd bus trip to Austin Texas, in November of 2015 to visit the Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument (TCVVM) and later in the day, the group also visited the nearby Texas State Cemetery .

CLICK HERE to read the full trip report

Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall visit to El Campo in 2015:
VVA Chapter 1069 Participates in Memorial Crosses Service/Ceremony:
[posted on: 8-19-2015]


The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall visited El Campo Texas, July 16-20, 2015. VVA Chapter #1069 and its membership participated in the 5-day long event. A special Memorial Service was presented by the Chapter on Saturday morning, July 18, which had also been designated by event planners as "Vietnam Veterans Day".

CLICK HERE to read the full Chapter report

VVA Chapter 1069 Participates In 2014 WCVBS Fair:
[posted on: 8-30-2014]


VVA Chapter 1069 of El Campo, Texas, participated in the Wharton County Veterans Benefits & Services (WCVBS) Fair, that was held on Saturday, August 23, 2014, at the El Campo Civic Center. The chapter set up a covered display booth area and provided Veteran related materials and information to the Veterans attending the event. Many chapter members and their spouses attended the event to help run the display booth and to also help with various event tasks.

CLICK HERE to read the full Chapter report

New Vests Now Available for VVA Chapter 1069 Members:
[posted on: 7-24-2014]

At our July 2014 meeting, president Sternadel reminded the chapter members to see James Kulcak if anyone would like to order one of our new VVA Chapter 1069 member vests. The total cost to a chapter member is only $20.00. The chapter picks up the rest of the cost - A really great deal! The photos below were taken at the meeting and show Sternadel's vest with his military decorations attached. Note the additional space on the front of the vest for any addtional military decorations (i.e. pins or patches) that a member may want to add to his/her vest. Also take note of our new custom 10" VVA Chapter 1069 patch on the back! To order one of these vests, please see Leonard Sternadel or James Kulcak when you come to the next meeting.

chaptervest1 chaptervest2

Everyday Heroes Fundraiser 4-26-2014 - Surfside Trip Report:
[posted on: 4-28-2014]

pic16 photo

The Everyday Heroes annual fundraiser and Veteran's Appreciation Day event was held at Surfside Marina (Surfside Texas) on Saturday, April 26th. Everyday Heroes provided a 56 passenger Coachways Charter bus to transport the Veterans to/from Surfside Marina, located in Surfside Texas. The photo at left shows the arrival of the Veterans to the event.

Many Veterans from the El Campo, Wharton and surrounding towns attended the event. They included members from Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) Chapter 1069, American Legion Post 251 and the VFW. Many rode the bus to attend the fundraising event. Bus riders also included Veteran's spouses and guests. Other Veterans drove their personal vehicles to the event. In total, approximately 50 Veterans, spouses & guests attended the event. Click on the link below for a complete report on the Chapter members bus trip to Surfside.

CLICK HERE for full Surfside trip report

CLICK HERE for more information regarding Everyday Heroes, Inc.

TCVVM Dedication Ceremony 3-29-2014 - Austin Trip Report:
[posted on: 4-3-2014]

bustrip33 photo

The Texas Capitol Vietnam Veteran Monument dedication ceremony was held in Austin on Saturday, March 29th. VVA Chapter 1069 provided a 56 passenger Coachways bus for the trip to Austin. Approximately 54 Chapter members, spouses and supporters rode the bus to attend the dedication ceremony. Click on the link below to read the full report.

CLICK HERE for full Austin trip report

Windbreaker Jackets for VVA Chapter 1069 Members:
[posted on: 1-29-2014] [updated on: 12-19-2014]


Custom green color windbreaker jackets are now available for order for VVA Chapter #1069 members. Much thanks and appreciation goes out to chapter member, Ed Kulcak, for his idea and design of these custom windbreaker jackets for Chapter 1069 members - Thanks Ed!

Please note that the purchase of these windbreaker jackets is not mandatory for our members. Also at this time, the Chapter will NOT be paying for any of the cost of these jackets. The exact cost for one of these jackets is dependant on size of jacket you order and amount of embroidered wording you request, but nominal cost is approximately $100.

Jackets will be available in the following sizes; Small, Medium, Large, 2X & 3X. The jacket shown in the example photos below is a 3X jacket. These are high quality windbreaker jackets and are made in the U.S. Jackets have a soft white inner liner. All jackets will be of the same green color as shown in the photos below. You will have the option to customize the embroidery on the front and back of the jacket. Although most of the writing on the back of the jacket will be standard and the same for all, you will be able to specify (1) your service dates in Vietnam and (2) your military branch, i.e. Air Force, Army, etc.. However, on the front of the jacket, left side, you will of course, be able to specify your name, along with the details of the outfit (Division, Squadron, Battalion, Company, etc.) you served with while in Nam. See the example stitching in the photos below.

To order one of these vests, you will need to fill out an order form, specifying the wording you want on your jacket and to also specify the size. Order forms will be avilable at all chapter meetings for you to fill out. An order form is also available on this website for viewing, download or printing. So, you can print the order form on your local printer, fill it out and then bring it to the next chapter meeting. Use the links below to View, Copy or Print the 2-part order forms.

Click here to view & print order Form 1 (PDF file)

Click here to view & print order Form 2 (PDF file)

Example photos below showing the green windbreaker jacket...

Above photo shows front of jacket

Above photo shows back of jacket

Chapter plans trip to Austin, March 29, 2014 for TCVVM Dedication:
[posted on: 1-29-2014]

bus1a bus2a bus3a

VVA Chapter 1069 has scheduled a group day trip to Austin Texas on March 29, 2014 for its Chapter members. The group will be traveling to the Austin State Capitol to attend the dedication ceremony for the Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument (TCVVM). The Chapter has chartered a 56 passenger bus for the trip which is intended for Chapter members only. The photos above were taken by several Chapter members on the day the bus was inspected and approved for the trip. For more information regarding the TCVVM dedication ceremony and the TCVVM itself, see links below.

Click here - Your invitation to the upcoming TCVVM Dedication Ceremony!

Click here - Read more about the upcoming TCVVM Dedication Ceremony

State Rep, Phil Stephenson is guest speaker at Dec 8, 2013 meeting:
[posted on: 1-13-2014]

phil stephenson

The photo at the left shows Phil Stephenson, our State Representative from Austin Texas. He was one of our guests speakers at the Dec 2013 Christmas party. The Representative spoke of various projects that he is working on in Austin. Representative Stephenson has attended our Chapter meetings before and he is definately a friend of Texas Vietnam Veterans.

One of his primary projects deals with the strained water situation in Texas and he is trying to pass legislation that will ensure Texas communities and their residents will have a plentiful supply of water in the future. During his presentation, the Representative also mentioned the following two important items. (1) Representative Stephenson presented our Chapter with a Texas flag that has flown over the State Capitol in Austin. (2) Representative Stephenson promised that he would write letters to each of his fellow Texas State Representatives in Austin, asking/challenging each of them for a $1000 donation, to go towards the final funding for the construction of the Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument (TCVVM). The monument will be dedicated in March of 2014 on the grounds of the State Capitol in Austin. At this point in time, the project still needs $200,000 worth of funding.

Chapter Participates in "Wreaths Across America" - Dec 14, 2013:
[posted on: 12-27-2013]

The Veterans Memorial
In Wharton Texas
wvm2 photo

wvm1 photo

VVA Chapter 1069 participated in the national "Wreaths Across America" program on December 14, 2013. The main function of the organization is the laying of Wreaths (Green pine boughs shaped into wreaths and affixed with bright red ribbons) on the graves of those veterans who gave their lives in the service of our country. The Chapter worked with Sarah Hudgins, who is the local Wharton county leader/coordinator for the Wreaths Across America organization. This year our Chapter purchased 25 Wreaths from Sarah (and the WAA) for distribution by our Chapter members on December 14, which is designated as National Wreaths Across America Day. Many thanks to Sarah for her ongoing dedication to this project and her helping our Chapter coordinate the event.

Read online news article about Sarah and the WAA

This year, 13 of the Wreaths were placed on the Veterans Memorial, which is located on the town square in Wharton Texas (see photos to the left). The other 12 Wreaths were placed on the graves of Veterans in Wharton & Jackson counties. Several Chapter members volunteered their time to perform the Wreath laying ceremony on December 14th. The Chapter wants to thank those members who volunteered to help with this project.

View the Wreaths Across America national website

Chapter Members Visit Texas Vietnam Heroes Exhibit in Houston:
[posted on: 12-17-2013]

hero0 photo

On Saturday, December 7, 2013, several Chapter members and their spouses visited the local "Texas Vietnam Heroes" exhibit. The exhibit is currently setup in "The Health" museum located in Houston's Museum district. The address is: 1515 Herman Drive. The Heroes exhibit honors the 3,714 Texas Veterans that lost their lives in the Vietnam War. Click on the link below to view pictures taken at the exhibit and to read more about the visit.

Click here to see pictures of Texas Vietnam Heroes Exhibit in Houston

Chapter President Receives "Point Man" Certificate of Appreciation:
[posted on: 6-13-2013]

At our June 2013 monthly meeting, chapter president Leonard Sternadel received a well deserved "Point Man" Certificate of Appreciation award from chapter Sec/Treasurer, John Steelman. Click on the link below for more details and a photo of Leonard with the award.

View photo of Leonard receiving certificate

Chapter receives Thank-You letter from TCVVM Chairman: [posted on: 7-3-2013]

In June our Chapter received a generous Thank-You letter from Robert Floyd, Chairman of the TCVVM (Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument). Several Chapter officers traveled to Austin in May of this year to give a cash donation ($1000) to the TCVVM on behalf of Chapter 1069. Click on the link below to view the contents of the letter and to also read more about the trip to Austin and what the TCVVM is all about.

Read the Thank-You letter from Robert Floyd

Chapter 1069 Officers present cash donation to TCVVM in Austin:
[posted on: 6-12-2013]

capitol pic1d

Chapter 1069 Officers and Board of Directors traveled to the Capital in Austin Texas on May 23rd to present a cash donation of $1000 (on behalf of VVA Chapter 1069) in support of the "Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument" (TCVVM). The monument will be located on the Capital grounds in Austin Texas. The donation amount ($1000) was voted on and approved by the chapter members who attended the May monthly Chapter meeting. Photos of the donation ceremony can be seen at the link below.

View larger photo and participant names

More information about the Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument (located on the Capital grounds in Austin Texas) can be found at the TCVVM website link below.

Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument

Installation of Chapter 1069 Officers:
[posted on: 5-16-2013]

At the May 8th meeting, the newly elected officers and board of directors were officially installed. The ceremony was conducted by two officers from the Hallettsville VVA chapter #854. The officers and board of directors will hold office for two years. The names or our newly installed Officers and Board of Directors can be seen here

Election of Chapter 1069 Officers:
[posted on: 4-16-2013]

At the April 10th meeting, the chapter members voted and elected new officers and a board of directors.

Creating new By-Laws for Chapter 1069:
[posted on: 4-16-2013]

The chapter officers are in the process of creating a new by-laws charter for the chapter. When it has reached final approval and acceptance, it will be available for viewing on this website.

Chapter 1069 Officers travel to Texas State Council Meeting:
[posted on: 4-16-2013]

The VVA Texas State Council (TSC) meeting was held on April 5-7 in Kerrville Texas. President Leonard Sternadel and Secretary John Steelman attended the Council meeting and reported that our Chapter received a donation of $300 from the president of the Texas State Council, Luther 'Buster' Newberry. A photo of the donation ceremony can be seen at the link below.

View photo of TSC president handing check to our chapter reps

Chapter 1069 Receives Official Charter:
[posted on: 7-31-2013]

charter ceremony

During the Chapter meeting in December of 2012, two VVA regional officers from the Hallettsville VVA Chapter #854 attended the meeting and presented the official VVA Chapter Charter to the Chapter 1069 president, Leonard Sternadel. A local newspaper article describes the June 2012 official chapter formation as follows:

A new local chapter of Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) was officially formed Thursday, June 28 at Mikeska’s Barbecue on Hwy. 59. The 30 charter members come from Wharton, Jackson and Brazoria counties, and those members elected officers, including Leonard Sternadel of El Campo as president; Richard Lindley of Louise, vice president; John Steelman of El Campo, secretary and Frank Laitkep of Wharton, treasurer. Sternadel also appointed a three-member board of directors: Frank Kulcak, Park Christenberry and David Juranek, all of El Campo.

VA Counselor Presentation: [posted on: 5-12-2013]

During the Chapter meeting in August of 2012, a VA counselor attended the meeting and gave a presentation of Veterans Benefits and Resources.