The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall Visits El Campo in July of 2015

[posted on: 8-13-2015]


The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall visited El Campo Texas, July 16-20, 2015. VVA Chapter #1069 and its membership participated in the 5-day long event. A special Memorial Service was presented by the Chapter on Saturday morning, July 18, which had also been designated by event planners as "Vietnam Veterans Day". Above photo shows all VVA Chapter 1069 members that participated in the Memorial Ceremony.

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Memorial Crosses Service presented by VVA Chapter 1069 of El Campo, Texas


The "Salute to Vietnam Veterans" Memorial Service was presented Saturday morning, July 18th at 10:00 AM. The guest speaker was Robert Floyd of Austin. During the ceremony, a special "Memorial Crosses" service was presented by the entire membership of local VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America) Chapter #1069. The Memorial Service honored soldiers from Wharton County who were "Killed in Action" (KIA) during the Vietnam War and also included those soldiers who are still listed as "Missing in Action" (MIA). Twenty-eight small white crosses (see photo at left), each with a hanging dog tag, was placed in front of the Wall for viewing. The service itself included the calling out of the names of those soldiers who did not survive the Vietnam War. As each name was called out, a chapter member came forward and laid a red rose at the base of each cross. At the end of the Service, 28 white crosses were presented to the family members of those KIAs honored in the Service. Also, two black crosses representing two MIA soldiers were presented to family members. All crosses and bases were hand-crafted and painted by members of VVA Chapter 1069. The dog tags were made (stamped) by Don Dorsey of Austin. Several companies in El Campo also donated material and labor to help make the crosses, and also donated other items for the Memorial Service.

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SATURDAY, JULY 18th was Declared as "Salute to Vietnam Veterans" Day
VVA Chapter 1069 Presented Vietnam KIA & MIA Memorial Service

Photos of Chapter Members Participating in Memorial Service

Leonard Sternadel (above photo), president of local VVA Chapter 1069, gives the opening speech at the Memorial Service, held the morning of July 18th, 2015, at the Traveling Memorial Wall. Leonard spoke of the names on the Wall and what they mean to Vietnam Veterans. Leonard also told his own personal emotional story of a fellow soldier (and close friend) that he knew while he was in Vietnam, and whose name is on the Wall. For other chapter members too, there are names on the Wall that have a deep and profound meaning for them.

Above photo shows Chapter member, Joe McCreary giving the opening prayer.

Above photo shows Chapter vice-president, Frank Kulcak, introducing Robert Floyd, the guest speaker for the Memorial Service.

Above photo shows special guest speaker, Robert Floyd of Austin, speaking about the Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument (TCVVM) located on the Capitol grounds in Austin, Texas, and the special meaning it has for all Texas Vietnam veterans. The Monument was completed and officially dedicated in March of 2014. Robert Floyd was instrumental in the creation of the Monument.

28 VVA Chapter 1069 members line up and prepare for the special Memorial Service. Each member carried a red rose that was then placed at the foot of the Wall panel where the name of a Wharton County Vietnam serviceman that was either killed in action or is still missing in action.

As each Vietnam KIA or MIA servicman's name was called out, a Chapter member would move forward, place the rose at the base of the cross, step back and salute. There were 26 white crosses that represented the KIAs and 2 black crosses that represented the MIAs.

Above photo shows VVA 1069 chapter members (left to right) Buck Matthews, Calvin Mahlmann, Jimmie Neuman, Daniel Svec, Louis Milder, and Auggie Limas, waiting their turn to place a rose on the cross during Saturday's ceremony.

Above photo shows chapter member, Auggie Limas, placing a rose at the foot of soldier PFC Foster F. Trigg's Memorial cross.

Above photo shows chapter member Robert Boone, saluting soldier SP4 Allen S. Mican.

Hallettsville VVA Chapter 854 provided the Color Guard duties for the Memorial Service with a 21-gun salute. Chapter 1069 wishes to thank the Hallettsville VVA chapter members for volunteering their time and providing this service.

Above photo shows the Service nearing the conclusion as the last few KIA & MIA soldier's names are being called out.

Above photo shows VVA chapter 1069 President Leonard Sternadel giving a final "Order Arms" command to the chapter members, and they in turn giving one final salute to those whose names are on the Wall.

Above photo shows all 28 VVA Chapter 1069 members at the conclusion of the Memorial Service, facing the crowd. They are (from left to right): Randy Ratcliff, Len Matula, Mark Pilcik, Tony Nemec, George McKelvey, Marcial Sorrell, Bob Riley, Frank Schmermund, Frank Kulcak, Daniel Sloan, Paul Kovar, Buck Matthews, Calvin Mahlmann, Jimmy Neumann, Daniel Svec, Louis Milder, Auggie Limas, Paul Francouer, Robert Boone, Richard Woods, Larry Wetz, Felipe Castro, Paul Orsak, John Wicke, Ron Miller, Harold Simmons, Stephen Brady, and Bob Supak.

At the conclusion of the Service, each chapter member then presented the Memorial cross to those family members that had attended the Service, for them to take home with them.

Above photo shows VVA Chapter 1069 member Stephen Brady presenting the family members of MIA solder Air Force Master Sergeant James H. Calfee, who was missing in action (MIA), with the black memorial cross.

Above photo shows VVA Chapter 1069 member Bob Supak presenting Katheleen Appling, the sister of KIA soldier WO1 Tommie Lee Rolf, with the white memorial cross and rose.

Above photo shows VVA Chapter 1069 member Paul Orsak presenting the family of KIA soldier SP4 Frank G. Michulka with the white memorial cross.

After the Memorial Service, all Vietnam veterans gathered together for a group photo in the school gym.

Above photo shows Leonard Sternadel, President of VVA chapter 1069, presenting special guest speaker, Robert Floyd, with an appreciation plaque for his speech at the Memorial Service and for his leadership in the creation of the Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument (TCVVM). Seated (left to right) are Don Dorsey and State Representative Phil Stephenson.

Above photo shows Leonard Sternadel, President of VVA chapter 1069 presents special guest, Don Dorsey, with an appreciation plaque for stamping the dog tags that were used in the Cross and Rose ceremony. Seated (left to right) are Robert Floyd and State Representative Phil Stephenson.

Information about the Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall


The Traveling Wall is a 3/5 scale of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC - see image to the left. It stands six feet tall at the center and covers almost 300 feet from end to end. The Traveling Memorial stands as a reminder of the great sacrifices made during the Vietnam War. It was made for the purpose of helping heal and rekindle friendships and to allow people the opportunity to visit loved ones in their home town who otherwise may not be able to make the trip to Washington.

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Welcome to the Traveling Wall. Feel free to take a look at our website, read about what we have to offer, and please contact us with any questions you might have in regards to the Memorial Wall coming to your town. Click on the image to the left to visit the Traveling Wall website and read more about the history and travel schedule for the Traveling Wall.


The following Corporate and Civic organizations & companies either sponsored the event, donated money or volunteered labor/time to the event itself or event programs. Event officials and all local Veterans organizations want to express their deep thanks and gratitude to those below for supporting all Veterans and for supporting this event.