Newly Formed Wharton County Veterans Council (WCVC): [posted on: 5-13-2014

From Dwight Winkler - Veteran's Service Officer for Wharton County:

A newly formed Wharton County Veterans Council (WCVC) was established 0n Saturday, March 15, 2014, in El Campo, Texas. Dwight Winkler, the Wharton County Veteran's Service Officer planned and organized the meeting. The council is comprised of all of Wharton County military Veterans organization's Commanders & Presidents, and Chairperson, Dwight Winkler.

The first big event the council will be sponsoring & hosting, is a county wide Veterans Benefits & Services Seminar/Fair, planned for August 23, 2014, and to be held at the El Campo Civic Center.

The purpose of the Fair is to promote the benefits & services that the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Texas Veterans Commission, local government entities, and local businesses have to offer to Veterans and or family members or their survivors.

The WCVBS Fair is scheduled to take place on August 23, 2014, from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. at the El Campo Civic Center, 2350 North Mechanic St., El Campo, Texas, 77437. The Fair will have tables & booths set up for organizations and/or individuals to present their Veteran related benefits and/or services. The admission is free to Veterans and/or family members with the veteran's proof of service.

If you are interested in obtaining table or booth space at the WCVBS Fair or have a suggestion for a benefit or service that you would like to see at the WCVBS Fair, or would like to help sponsor the event with a donation, you may contact any of the Veterans organizations listed below, or contact Dwight Winkler directly.

CLICK HERE for more information regarding the WCVBS Fair.

See the photo below showing all 8 members of the WCVC (Wharton County Veterans Council).

veteranscouncil photo

Top Row - Left to Right

Bottom Row - Left to Right

VVA Chapter 1069 would like to wish the best of luck to the Veterans Council and to thank them all for their military service!

The information contained on this webpage is intended for ALL Veterans in the Wharton County area, including the members of VVA Chapter 1069. You may call Dwight at his VSO Office (979-532-1311) if you have any questions about the information contained herein.